Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Anxiety Acceptance


"Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery." 

by J.K. Rowling

It's not your ideas or feelings that keep you in the cycle of suffering; it's your consistent battle and rejection of them that does.

Non-acceptance of 'what is' is what develops resistance, and it is this level of resistance that triggers significant suffering. This battle is likewise what prevents the system of recovery to place

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If you wish to come out on top panic and anxiety then battling with it is not the solution.vAnybody who finds themselves stressed out, anxious and psychologically tired, has arrived in this space through rejecting and battling with their inner or eternal world.

These individuals aren't in the flow of life; they are constantly pressing against reality. They aren't permitting their mind to be as they are; they are continuously at war with them. Let's focus on those who invest all their time wrestling with their stress and anxiety.

The entire fight they participate in and not wishing to feel it. The reality is that if you have stress and anxiety, then you have no alternative but to feel this distressed energy within you, there is no stated approach, or strategy you can master to prevent this.

If you had a bout of winter flu then there is absolutely nothing you can do to not to feel it, you would simply need to ride it out and permit it to pass of its own accord. Just imagine if you exhausted all your day attempting to combat it and reduce it while additionally attempting to figure an escape of it mentally.

All these actions take tremendous psychological effort and can have a genuine impact on your psychological well being. Not one of them would make your flu vanish, all you would accomplish is to include more suffering on top of your original suffering

This fight would be entirely meaningless and detrimental to your emotional responses. Yet this is what the majority of people who suffer with stress and anxiety do and then question why they feel so absolutely worn down, spent and why they continue to remain in a cycle of continuous suffering.

When you quit your battle with yourself, then your ideas and feelings will alter naturally. You can't force or produce a specific state through battle or individual will; this will just develop more suffering and will drain you.

The outside world and others…. function as they do,

less anxiousness and concern comes through comprehending this one truth and understanding that life will not constantly go your way and that individuals will not conform to how you want them to.

The very same concept holds true when you experience any type of suffering; it is your non-acceptance of your existing state that triggers so much additional discomfort in an emotional sense. It does not feel fantastic to experience feelings of anger, worry, irritation, stress, anxiety, unhappiness, or any other unpleasant state you might find yourself in.

However believe me, if you permit yourself to fall right into your existing state without battle and resistance, then you will not suffer the same and you will come out of it much quicker. Likewise, it is the total approval of your existing state that permits your body and mind to begin the procedure of recovery.

Your body and mind can recover from stress and anxiety, you do not need to suffer for a lifetime with these behaviours, much like with a damaged leg or a cut finger. Your mind and body have the very best healing capabilities on the planet, no amount of medicines and prescribed anti-anxiety or depressant tablets can beat this process.

if you just step aside and permit your mind to heal and allow it to do what it is good at then you will see massively positive results in such a short period of time. There truly is no external force doing this to us, and therefore there is absolutely nothing for us to beat.

We are producing our own suffering and staying in a cycle through an absence of understanding. Too much suffering is self-created through absence of learning which results in a meaningless fight we participate in with ourselves.

Healing does not come through some method; it takes place within our own mind. Therefore, when we talk about the use of hypnotherapy to support this process the phrase which comes to mind is "all hypnosis, is self-hypnosis."

Any hypnotherapy practitioner who tells you that they are the ones which will cure your anxiety and stress, do not understand the actual process of the mind. As a hypnotherapy practitioner, it is our duty to guide you through an internal process, supporting you externally so that you can do the work subconsciously yourself.

All your thoughts and feeling are controlled internally through learned behaviours. It is by allowing you to explore these yourself through imagery and hypnotic language that you learn to overcome the learned behaviour of anxiety.

It would be foolish of me to admit that when people are stuck within the cycle of stress and anxiety, that they are focused enough to be able to do this. There are two choices we have where anxiety is concerned…

Either battle it by yourself, live and breathe the anxiety as if it makes all the decisions for you and ultimately spend years trapped in the anxiety cycle.


accept our overbearing anxiety on all levels, which also means seeking the right support and guidance, for instance like a specialist like myself to help you through that subconscious work.

The most successful client I see at detoxia is clients who have come to accept anxiety and are ready to truly understand how they can do the work in themselves to change those anxiety inducing behaviours.

If you would like to know more about the work I do you can head over to where youll find more information and a process of how to book in for your free strategy call. I work with clients from all over the world. From Carlisle, Cumbria to across the pond to the United States of America.  

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