7 Quick Tips For Anxiety: The Pink Jammy Experience


Are you tired? Exhausted? When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

A nice hot bath, whilst listening to some relaxing music, bearing in mind here that some people think slipknot is relaxing….

Make sure you rest or even better get some sleep.
Are you over doing things? Are you taking too much on at the moment? Don't feel like you're having a choice in taking too much on….. 
those family members asking so much of you, watch the kids, clean, work in the family business etc etc.

Learn to say no and take back that time just for you. Ease off that throttle as anxiety is a sign that your body needs rest.

You're struggling to breathe or as people are calling it Air Hunger!

Don't worry you can't die because your body has a natural way of breathing to keep you alive, that is unless you have a very serious condition like a collapsed lung which you  need you to call 999 for, however you would 100% know this because you wouldn't be breathing at all!!!

so in the case of anxiety, all is good and here is a handy tip. Take 3 deep breaths and release them to the count of 5. This will oxygenate your body and clear your mind allowing you to think logically about what's going on around you and inside of you.

Are you scared?

Ask yourself: Is there anything to genuinely fear? Is your life in absolute danger right now? My guess would be Probably not. It's more than likely that your old faithful friend 'imagination' playing silly buggers with you again. I am going to tell you a trade secret here. something which will absolutely blow your mind…… Your imagination is not real, it is not a prediction of the future. It's made-up stories of something that won't happen.

Pink Jammy doughnuts from Gregg's (My personal favourite) If you live here in the UK and you are reading this, chances are you just had an image pop into your head of being at the counter in Greggs and seeing a pink jammy doughnut. See you just used your imagination to imagine that, but you are not there, the people who you saw in that picture are not there, it's a fabricated imagine of something that isn't there because you could not know which member of staff is on or the other customers around you, or the weather outside etc etc… can you see where I am coming from?

You could sit there and think of every single possible outcome there is to a situation and chances are that outcome will not happen, because we as human beings cannot control the actions of other people around us, yes, we can influence in certain situations, but we cannot predict what essentially is unpredictable.

Get out of that loop you are stuck in… think pink jammy doughnut

Alcohol has that brilliant effect, of allowing you to feel like you are escaping your reality, however if you are prone to anxiety that alcohol consumption can cause anxiety symptoms the next day.

I am going to be a bit of a party pooper here…. On a metabolic level alcohol is a poison to the body. When you have a drink, you are literally poisoning yourself, and as such this is going to have a negative effect on your body. Accept that you have poisoned yourself and ride it out. Drink a nice cold glass of water instead of doing the old hair of the dog trick. You'll feel so much better.

When was the last time you ate? Did you eat today? If not eat something sugary.

One of the symptoms low blood sugars is feeling spaced out. When your sugar levels drop it gives you the same feeling as though you're about to have a panic attack. Ask yourself when did I last eat? Grab something nice and sweet to eat…. Trust me your body deserves it for being such a superstar that you are.

Is something making you worried? Is this thing  something that you can change? If you can change it, then change it.

If not there's nothing you can do about it and you are just looping this worry repeatedly, this looping I often discuss is a one-way ticket to panic attacks.

Would you physically spin round and round until you get dizzy and fall over, unless for fun sometimes you wouldn't put yourself through that on a min by minute basis so don't put your brain through it, change the thought patter. Do this 

- Spot 5 things around you that are the same colour.

-Spot 4 things around you that are the same texture.

-Spot 3 things around you that you can name out loud.

-Spot 2 things around which make the same noise.

-Spot 1 thing around you that you absolutely love to bits and pieces.

People say 99% of the things we loop and worry about in our minds never turn out as bad as we think, so give your imagination a well-deserved rest, instead think about the solution instead of the problem.

Are you stressed?

Listen to a relaxation recording. We become stressed when we think of all the things we must do at the same time. Instead of having everything floating around in your head write a list of what you need to do. Go through the list one by one in order of priority.

I have created a free hypnotherapy relaxation session for you to download. Happy listening.

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