About Andy

My experience of working in the Health and Social Care Sector for the last 12 years has given me an insight into how Stress and Anxieties effects people’s lives in a profound way. Working with a range of clients as a support worker has helped me to see that regardless of age, gender, learning ability anxiety and stress affects us all.

My job as a Hypnotherapist is to create an environment which safe and reflective. This allows us to work in a collaborative way so that we can concentrate on the presenting issues together. I will never tell what to do. We will work together as a team to find out what works best for you.

Andy Vaughan - Detoxia Hypnosis in Carlisle, Cumbria

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Working together, you will develop new skills which ultimately means that you will be able to overcome any stress, anxieties, worries or fears that you may be experiencing in the present. The end goal of any therapeutic work is for you to go away from our sessions with the understanding that you will be able to handle difficult thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

I am not telling you that it will be easy, what I am saying to you is that with my experiences and skills you can improve your self-confidence, motivation, resilience and bring about positive changes to your current situation. My experience allows me to deliver Hypnotherapy solutions which are client centred, solution focused, and outcome based. My aim is to use hypnotherapy to make a real difference to my clients lives so that you can build independence in yourself

Detoxia Therapies specialises in Stress, Anxieties, Worries and Fears

We can also offer Hypnotherapy sessions for other issues such as:

Smoking Cessation

Phobias & Fears


Insomnia & Sleeping

Headaches & Migraines