hypnotherapy in carlisle & cumbria

Welcome to Detoxia Therapies, I provide tailored hypnotherapy so that you can ease your worries, release your anxiety, let go of your worries and demolish your fears.

I understand the need to create bespoke therapy sessions so that you can be supported to achieve the results you want.

Whatever the reason which brings you through my doors, I will always work with you to ensure the highest-level of standards within my clinical care so that you are put first in our sessions together, by putting your needs first you will get the best results possible in the shortest time possible.

Taking the first steps to address your own mental health can often be a huge undertaking, it is brave and scary, however just by reading this today you have made the choice to tackle this head on. I say well done to you. Let me work with you to address your Stresses, Anxieties, Worries, Fears or Phobias so that you can live your best life.

An improved state of mind leads to a better quality of life


Detoxia Therapies specialises in Stress, Anxieties, Worries and Fears

I can also offer Hypnotherapy sessions for other issues such as:

Smoking Cessation

Phobias & Fears


Insomnia & Sleeping

Headaches & Migraines